Death Knockin

When death comes knockin on someone else doors we felt like death won’t come knockin to our door. It is a distance away from us like a story in a land far away..


But when death comes knockin close it makes you stop. And suddenly realize that death is not a story in far away land but it is a fact that comes embracing you. It is like thundering rain in a broad daylight. Reality does struck like a lightning.


We felt the whole life is just fleeting away. Like flowerbud blown by the wind, scattered away and never be whole again. And it does make you wonder what we’ve been through the whole time we were breathing in this land. It remind me of a quote in a book : “For what hath man of all his labor, and of the vexation of

 his heart, in which he hath labored under the sun?”


Was it worth it?


We work as hard as we can even since we were an infant in our mothers womb. We try hard to be born unto this world.

From that moment our struggles begin.

When we were a baby we try hard to cry,to laugh, to breathe, to eat when all comes naturally

We try our hardest to lift up our head.

Then the next we try our hardest just to stand despite the numerous falling.

After that we try walking and running. Again with numerous falling, bruising.


After that comes the school life when we compete with other children to be the best among the best. To master every knowledge, mustering all our resources even our parents resources too. If we even make it to the graduate school then comes the gratest test of all: Life.


If we’ve been living under the nurture and the warm nest of our parent, then it is time to flap our wing and fly. Leaving the nest behind, soaring in the vast skies of life. It is not without hardship, maybe sometimes we face the storm, or scorching sun. Maybe competition from other student of life.


To what end do we achieve all that?

To what end we struggles under this scorching sun and enveloping darkness?

Every day we wake up and fight. Is our whole life is just hardship and never ending battle?

Or do we take our lives as a journey. One that has a starting point and a destination to arrive.


Like flower pollen blown by the wind and gives life to where it rooted. Which will became a flower. Our lives is just a pilgrimage under the sun.

We begin from our mothers womb and traveling in the pilgrimage while living.


The route is an open choice, do we choose the highway, skies, seas, sand, forest it is our own choice. But what matter is we let our travel is just a travel just focusing on our destination and neglect the journey, or would we make it worthile.


Do we leave a trail of fire on our footstep or do we choose the leave a path of flower along the way we walk.

Do we touch others heart with the stories of our travelling?or do we plant fear and hopelesness with our stories?


Life is not about a never ending struggles but it is a journey one must take. Like an explorer who open the path for others to follow, so they don’t stumble on holes we too are an explorer to open the path for the next generation. To give hope of the destination, to pave the way for our children to come to our destination.


Life is a journey we make to arrive at a destination which is to finally met our creator, He who long to meet us and joining with Him in an everlasting feast.




RKZ ICU Waiting Room, January 31st 2013, 01:42


Laurentius Jave Chen


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